Master Alchemist, transform
All within me to Thy will—
To my wayward spirit’s storm
Utter now Thy ‘Peace, be still.’

O, too often have I heard
Men of God, with passioned plea,
Show me truth writ in Thy Word,
Beg me to obedient be.

But, though tears repentant came,
And intentions rose with hope–
Swamped in sin, I stayed the same,
Captive to my error’s scope.

With the violence of my tears,
Master, melt this veil that blinds.
From this forest of my fears,
Lead me till true faith I find.

Change me from the inside out,
Change me till Thy will is all,
Till my love for Thee can shout,
‘Call me onward, only call!’


Journey to Mount Moriah


The story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac is quite well known, especially to those who grew up in Sunday school. We remember that God tested Abraham’s love for the Lord by commanding him to offer up his only son, the promised heir. We have read that Continue reading “Journey to Mount Moriah”



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Elisabeth Elliot Quotes

Elisabeth Elliot is one of my favorite writers. She was the wife of missionary Jim Elliot who was one of the five men killed in Ecuador by the Indians they were trying to reach with the Gospel. But she was so much more than the wife of somebody famous—she was not only married to a dedicated servant of Christ, she was a dedicated servant of Christ long before they served together as husband and wife and in the many years after his death. Continue reading “Elisabeth Elliot Quotes”