I Fell into the Mekong River (or, The First Three Days of My Missions Trip)


So I went on a missions trip to Southeast Asia. It was the best way to start off my summer! I made many new friends, saw things that stirred my heart, and gained some fresh perspective on life. And was blessed to be able to Continue reading “I Fell into the Mekong River (or, The First Three Days of My Missions Trip)”

Journey to Mount Moriah


The story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac is quite well known, especially to those who grew up in Sunday school. We remember that God tested Abraham’s love for the Lord by commanding him to offer up his only son, the promised heir. We have read that Continue reading “Journey to Mount Moriah”

The Day I Looked Up

A cursory glance around the room showed me who was already in the chapel as I took my seat and prepared for a week of classes emphasizing missions. Off to my right was a girl whose dreams had long been burdened for ministry in Africa. On the front row, Continue reading “The Day I Looked Up”