Music I Listen To

photo by Libby

The John Marshall Family
Excellent gospel music by an evangelist family with ten kids. Those kids are now grown and serving God all over the globe—I personally know one of the daughters, Deborah Marshall Wells, who served with her husband and seven children as missionaries in the same country as we did. Mrs. Wells has recorded several albums of her own. I appreciate the Marshall family music because they have retained their conservative standards as well as beautiful quality over the years. I was raised on these singers, able to recognize their different songs before I could even repeat their words. Some of their albums: I’d Do It All Again, Just for a Moment, Under Their Father’s Hand, Watchman, Abide in Me, I am Not Ashamed, Peace, Mountain Heritage, One More Mile.

Majesty Music
This I was also raised on—so much of what I know about music and harmony I learned by listening to countless albums of Ron Hamilton’s grand choral pieces, his musical dramas, the Patch the Pirate kids’ story dramatizations. I can’t express how much I am encouraged and challenged and uplifted by Majesty Music! The lyrics are simple yet profound. The music is orchestral, majestic, ministering. I highly recommend anything from this source. Some of their albums: I Saw the Lord, Majesty Masterpieces, Everlasting Praise, The Evolution Revolution, Ocean Commotion, Mount Zion Marathon, Giant Killer, Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle, Back to Bach, Pickin’ on Patch, Born to Die, Ten Thousand Hallelujahs, Rejoice!

Soundforth Singers
I have heard an album of songs based on Scripture verses called Think on These Things, as well as a guitar album called Sun of My Soul

The Tero Family
Good conservative music by a large family. Some of their albums: Fairest Lord Jesus

The Epleys
Great voices and accompaniment with a bluegrass flavor…I guess…I don’t really know how they describe it. Some of their albums: Heavenly Place

Abigail Miller
A wife and mother who has recorded many albums of her original and beautiful songs. Some of her albums: Unfamiliar Grace, Deliverance, Deeper Still

Baroque Composers:
Bach {Prelude in E major, Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude, concertos, Sleepers Awake}
Handel {The Messiah, everything else}
Vivaldi {The Four Seasons, everything else}