Quote Trail Mix

Here, a trail mix of quotes I found appealing this week.

simpleanswers.jpgThis is how life has felt for me for a week or so. Never mind, this is my life story. Somehow I am ever capable of working myself into a frenzy over questions that really are not as meltdown-worthy as I have convinced myself to believe. Continue reading “Quote Trail Mix”

Elisabeth Elliot Quotes

Elisabeth Elliot is one of my favorite writers. She was the wife of missionary Jim Elliot who was one of the five men killed in Ecuador by the Indians they were trying to reach with the Gospel. But she was so much more than the wife of somebody famous—she was not only married to a dedicated servant of Christ, she was a dedicated servant of Christ long before they served together as husband and wife and in the many years after his death. Continue reading “Elisabeth Elliot Quotes”

Writerly Qualifications

Sorry folks, I feel dastardly for not having anything solid and stimulating prepared, but I just can’t seem to put two sensible sentences together this week. Hence, another barrage of witticisms from someone other than myself. Hope you find within some life-altering affirmation of your writerly qualifications. 😉 Continue reading “Writerly Qualifications”