When the Drought Comes


What if I were to experience a time of spiritual fruitfulness, then suddenly a time of spiritual famine? What would I do to get out of drought and back to normal? The king of Egypt faced a similar problem and turned to Joseph for advice in Genesis 41. I believe the steps he gave to keep Egypt alive through their famine can be used in our times of spiritual famine as well.

1. “Let him appoint officers over the land.” Before our drought of the soul comes, we need to be prepared by having spiritual authorities and accountability partners already helping us stay focused in our walk with God.

2. “And let them gather all the food of those good years…” Before my drought comes, I should write down now what is being learned from walking with the Lord and from the preaching of God’s men. I should seek counsel from my authorities now and store it up somewhere for future reference.

3. “And that food shall be for store…that the land perish not…” Later on, when the famine comes and my spirit cannot find the same feeding from God’s Word, those old notes and memory verses and pieces of counsel can be brought out as reminders of where I should be. They can be fuel to get me through the famine back to fruitfulness.


One thought on “When the Drought Comes

  1. So true! This is a good reminder on where and how to look for the food that feels the Soul. I will read and chew on this one for a while!
    Thanks for writing it. It’s a keeper😘


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