I’m Back


Hi y’all!

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote. College has a way of keeping one busy. There have been moments I almost ached to blog again but there is a time to everything and I would much rather have Bible college and no blogging than blogging and no Bible college. These have been the most blessed three months of my life! God is so good to me every single second, even when I run against hard walls of helplessness or crawl down dark alleys of uncertainty. The idea of quitting has popped up constantly, like an annoying reminder on my computer screen. But that was only in periods during which I lost sight of all the reasons I had to go on. Behind me lay a past of comfortable dependence on others, of vague dreams, of settled ideals—good years, but years that are done. Now I needed to look towards my adult future, my Lord’s perfect will, my place in His plans. And Bible college was the next step towards that future.

In a few weeks I will take my final exams, hand in papers, and put away books, as my first semester closes. College has been easier than I expected. For that I am thankful. Dorm life with a swarm of ethnically diverse girls has been more fun than I could have ever imagined. For that I am thankful. The myriad ministries I am involved in have proved harder to manage than I anticipated, but even for this I am thankful because these ministries have taught me to grow and learn and go forward towards becoming the servant my Lord wants me to be. I feel like a disgruntled rubber band at times, being frequently stretched beyond its common capacity! But this is what the Christian life is about. This is why I was created.

That is why I am ineffably thankful for God’s working in my life, for where He has placed me, when He has placed me there, and with whom. Bible college is the perfect place for me right now. There I am learning how to fulfil God’s purpose for me, guided by His Word and the counsel of His workmen. There I am seeking to trust God more, love others more, and indulge self less.

So if you don’t hear from me much, now you know why. I will try to keep up with a few posts occasionally, in between writing papers and teaching Sunday school.


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