Psalm 108

“O God, my heart is fixed at last—
This vow I offer Thee;
Ever I’ll sing and give Thee praise,
With all that lives in me.
Thy mercy grows above the heavens,
Thy truth unto the clouds—
Because Thou hast delivered me,
I give Thy glory sound.

“Not only in the sun I’ll sing,
When hope and peace are mine;
But also when the rain dark falls
And light I cannot find.
For just beyond this step unsure
I see Thy footprint clear—
Whatever road my Savior trod
For me can hold no fear.

“Be Thou exalted, O my God,
Lift up on wings of song—
All glory I can bring Thy name
Of right to Thee belongs.
From Thy vast love I draw my theme,
Thy grace gifts me the voice—
Through troubles sharp or blessings sweet—
To make Thy praise my choice.”

{Sung to the tune “Kingsfold.” For the complete example of how this sounded in my head, find Amanda Tero’s solo piano version called “My God, I Love Thee,” uploaded to her blog With a Joyful Noise.}


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