Lost in the Shadow

“As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow…”
Job 7:2


“Like the moon reflects the sun,
May I mirror the Holy One.
Like the wind that bears the seed,
May I speak the Word to those in need.

“Let my gain be counted loss,
Let my gold be purged from dross,
Let my gift be used for You, Lord—
Let me be lost
In the shadow of the Cross.

“Like the maid waits on her lord,
May I serve you, not for reward.
Like birds sing their Maker’s song,
May my praise to You alone belong.”


{Sorry about the mudslide of songs lately! I have been super busy, but not too busy for the Lord to give me songs. Other posts take study and time but songs usually come within 30 minutes of inspiration. So hope you don’t mind these shorter posts 🙂 I have plenty of “real post” ideas coming up soon. Also sorry I can’t upload the tunes to my songs—this blog plan doesn’t allow it. But hey, it’s the words that count, right? 🙂 }

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