I Will Stand


This song I wrote for my parents. They are flying back to the mission field today and leaving my brother and I in the States to go to Bible college; I know they are concerned that the culture shock and everything that goes with adjusting to a foreign land will overwhelm us. And it will. But I as a Christian have access to the power to stand and withstand anything in this world—a power greater than any adverse circumstance—the Holy Spirit of God and the Holy Word of God. I know my Lord is faithful and I am determined to stay faithful to Him, whether I have my family with me or not.

“You know how many years ago I took Christ as my Lord,
You know how much I’ve come to love the Bible, God’s own Word.
You also know my failures to serve Him as I ought,
To trust His ways as perfect in every deed and thought.

“I know you worry that I’ll fall and never rise again;
I know you pray with every day God’s grace will strengthen then.
You live your lives to love Him and hope I’ll love Him too;
I know that God is worth it, so this I vow to you—

“I’ll be faithful, I will stand,
Always clinging to the Father’s hand.
He’s blotted out, forgiven all my sin—
How could I ever turn my back on Him?
I will stand.

“It sounds cliché for me to say I’ll trust Him through it all—
It’s true at times I’ll question why, and fear to heed God’s call.
But I’ll walk with Him in shadows, when pain is all I see,
And follow close regardless—He is so good to me!”


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