Random Quotes

believestheBible.jpgIf one lives with the mindset that the Bible is always right, much spiritual shipwreck can be avoided. People will have their quarrels with the Bible, but all so-called “faults” with the King James Version can be explained by those who are willing to accept it as perfectly preserved by faith.

grizzly.jpgOk maybe not, but very close indeed. I could do without that technology quite comfortably.

priceless silence.jpgShutting up is harder for some people than others. Some people rarely say a word out of painful shyness, and some out of maturity, knowing that it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

moreaware.jpgSo true! I have been on this journey of getting to know Christ for 10 years, and have come so far; but the further I go, the further away I seem.

senseI principally look for sense in my close friends. If you can converse logically, and with a preference for Biblical topics, I won’t mind talking to you. At least, I won’t mind as much as I usually do. Talking isn’t my forte. (As a literary item: Elinor said this in Sense and Sensibility. I am a modern version of Elinor in almost every way.)

kadimaharrow.jpgA journey isn’t a journey unless you are moving forward—or backward; it takes a progression over time. Sometimes I feel as though I take three steps backward for every one step forward. And when I think of taking another step, fear of the unknown threatens to slowly strangle me to death. But I always, ALWAYS find that my dread was the worst part of moving forward. Because the next step is never so monstrously impossible after it is taken. Now if I can just remind myself of that…


{All photos my own}






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