The Compass

photo by Libby

“Lord, be Thou my never erring Compass,
Pointing ever back to Calvary—
Guiding me, though oft I lose my focus,
Step by step, into eternity.

“Be the Magnet always drawing onward
Past the things of earth that lure my gaze,
Past the plains where too long I have wandered,
Toward the heights of everlasting ways.

“When I linger at some earthly trifle,
Forfeiting my crown for broken toys,
Bring to mind the pure resolves these stifle,
Draw my heart back to celestial joys.

“When it seems this Compass’ power is broken,
‘Tis not Thee, but I a mending needs.
Thou art Truth which never can be shaken—
I, a seed whose growth is choked by weeds.

“Lord, Thy Compass¬†root so deep within me
That no power on earth can bend its course.
Teach my feet to follow Thee willingly,
Tune my soul to Thy¬†almighty force.”


One thought on “The Compass

  1. Libby, that was so beautiful! God has given you a beautiful talent in poetry and writing. I got saved over 50 years ago, and I made some specific commitments to the Lord as a young adult, that by His grace I never stray from Him and He’s enabled me to hold fast to that commitment .. he is the apple of my eye, and the source of my joy and strength, and the reason and purpose I delight to walk in Him.


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