Missionary Kids

mk too.jpgThere is no relief like finding another missionary kid! Helps us feel less weird.

missionary farmer.jpgSometimes our garden grew and sometimes it didn’t. But for kids it was a good excuse to get filthy.

missionary stareWhen you are the only white skinned child in town, you eventually feel like a circus special. It can be unnerving to have everybody notice you and want to pinch your cheeks and touch your hair.

missionary person.jpgWe become the gawkers when we spy another light skinned person. 😉 It’s like “Where did you come from? Why are you here?” They’re usually Australians with cool accents.

missionary photo.jpgOh the family picture! We only update our prayer cards every four to five years and kids can grow up scandalously between pictures. Some of our churches still display our card from 15 years ago—that makes it somewhat comical when we show up with five kids who look nothing like the toddlers in the photo!

missionary talk.jpgHere I am minding my own business, trying to stay invisible, and suddenly there’s that awkward silence that means somebody addressed me unheard. “Umm…sorry?”

missionary questions.jpgThis comes from engaging in conversation with the person you didn’t hear the first time.

thatquestionSometimes a laughable situation; sometimes cryable. At least we ought to have our responses memorized after a year of reporting to churches.

wontbugs.jpgSeriously? Doesn’t America have brain-eating amoebas? And serial killers? And terrorist attacks? And gorillas in zoo cages? And tornados? Our mission field sounds relatively safe.

packed.jpgI guess military families could sympathize. We yearn to be back home so we don’t have to live out of backpacks and lose socks all over the country.

missionary clothes.jpgAfter wearing the same five outfits for four years, new clothes feel weird. It takes me a few months to wean myself from the old, comfy, sun-bleached stand-bys. My mom likes to say I am overly loyal to my wardrobe. 😉

Hope these were somewhat enlightening to the nature of this strange species called “missionary kid.” They really aren’t that strange if you take the time to see things through their eyes.


2 thoughts on “Missionary Kids

  1. You could have said so much more, but “brevity is the soul of wit. ” Did I quote that correctly? I’m not going to Google it because it is almost the end of the month on my megabytes. I am saving them for reading more posts. I enjoy seeing our life through your eyes. – Mom


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