Elisabeth Elliot Quotes

Elisabeth Elliot is one of my favorite writers. She was the wife of missionary Jim Elliot who was one of the five men killed in Ecuador by the Indians they were trying to reach with the Gospel. But she was so much more than the wife of somebody famous—she was not only married to a dedicated servant of Christ, she was a dedicated servant of Christ long before they served together as husband and wife and in the many years after his death. Continue reading “Elisabeth Elliot Quotes”

When Music Doesn’t Work

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I grew up listening to Majesty Music tapes and cds as well as those of the John Marshall family, among others. On long furlough road trips we kids would practically memorize whole Patch the Pirate albums. Classical music has intrigued me Continue reading “When Music Doesn’t Work”

I Will Stand


This song I wrote for my parents. They are flying back to the mission field today and leaving my brother and I in the States to go to Bible college; I know they are concerned that the culture shock and everything that goes with adjusting to a foreign land will overwhelm us. And it will. But I as a Christian have access to the power to stand and withstand anything in this world—a power greater than any adverse circumstance—the Holy Spirit of God and the Holy Word of God. I know my Lord is faithful and I am determined to stay faithful to Him, whether I have my family with me or not. Continue reading “I Will Stand”

Be a Hezekiah

20160607_175622 (2).jpg
photo by Libby

As I read my Bible calendar’s portion for the day, I was soon struck by how accurately it accompanied some thoughts I have been ruminating upon this week. The passage was 2 Chronicles 28 and 29, detailing the history of two kings of Judah—Ahaz and his successor Hezekiah. Continue reading “Be a Hezekiah”