He Is a Soldier

photo from Pixabay

“A paper signed, a right hand raised,
A solemn clasp of hands;
Commitment pledged, petitions prayed,
A soldier true to stand.
He walks a little taller now—
He knows he’s done what’s right,
To join the names of those who vow
All tyranny to fight.

“He is a soldier,
He is a son;
When duty calls for volunteers, he will be one.
Because of family, country, his honor and his God,
If freedom’s threatened, he’ll defend at home or abroad—
He is a soldier.

“He knows that he may never be
A hero or a star,
He knows that life may never see
Him fight in lands afar.
But if he’s ever called to give
To freedom his last breath,
He’ll give it gladly, for he lived
A patriot till his death.”


With thanks to all those who surrendered their freedoms to give us ours, both past and present. It only takes one generation to preserve or destroy freedom. May we carry on the torch and refuse to belittle what so many have died for.

photo from Pixabay




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