The Story Girl Is Quoted

This is one of those days I feel like writing everything and nothing all at once. Thus, some quotes from one of my favorite authors, Lucy Maud Montgomery. She is a wordsmith—a genius—her prose is poetry. Most people know her for the Anne of Green Gables series, but I have always loved her lesser known works; the Emily of New Moon series, her short stories, and particularly the Story Girl duo of books. “The Story Girl” and its sequel “The Golden Road” are her best in my opinion, but I have an unfashionable taste in opinions. So instead of wasting my breath rhapsodizing upon the glories of this particular series, I shall attempt to woo your interest in them by a handful of quotes spoken by the principal character, Sara Stanley, otherwise known as the Story Girl. Find out why by reading the book—it is truly delicious. Oh, and all the pictures are mine.


I had approved of this sentiment for some time before coming upon it and realizing with an inward squeal of hysterical delight that someone out there agreed with me. I love the word squelch, though I would rather not remember all the times I have experienced it. And I relish expressive words. Though I do not like relish…free info…anyway…


I also wholly approve of this thought! Bare feet are a luxury at my stage of life. I find that a walk through green grass, or through a sandy creek-bed, barefoot, can restore me to the sunny side of life quite rapidly.


Christians, may we not give account before our Savior with anything less than a “good, square fight” to show for our time on earth. He calls us to contend for the faith, to protect our principles, to die for the truth if need be. Though we may get whipped, we have done our part and we know Christ ultimately wins the war.

More of these will come later…hope this piques your palate a little to want to read the book!



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