The Story Girl Is Quoted Yet Some More

Here are sundry other Story Girl quotes!


In this socially demanding world, being interesting seems to be the only way one can become accepted. But if nobody were useful, what kind of world would there be for those sublime interesting creatures to live in? So I agree with the Story Girl that we should strive not only to be interesting, but to be useful, because useful is better. Mark 9:35 “If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.”

naturalgumptionMy problem exactly. Tell me what to do and I will chop it up and stir it in and make sure it doesn’t burn, but invent a masterpiece of culinary perfection I cannot. My brain apparently has yet to carve a niche for recipe ideas, though ideas of every other sort find comfortable vacancies. The Story Girl was haunted by the same failing…she often bewailed the fact that stories were so much easier to concoct than menus.

appreciatespringI suppose spring has finally sprung in the northern states? I imagine you can agree with the Story Girl on this quote. The long months of snow and ice and cold make spring’s blossoming all the sweeter as it melts everything into a fresh new world. And I reckon these words could apply to the Christian life as well—this short moment spent in crumbling earthly bodies, beset with the harsh elements of the world, the flesh, and the devil, should make us more deeply appreciate the eternity of perfect spring that is to come.


(all pictures mine)

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