The Quote Boat [Part 1]

I felt like posting some random quotes today so…Although the quotes themselves may not be mine, all the pictures are.

I am blissfully guilty of this, unfortunately. (I wonder who knows the book whence I drew this quote?)
So many people let talent obscure truth—they make talent preeminent instead of making it subject to the boundaries of God’s truth. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter how talented the art or music or book.
Have I rhapsodized yet about Ogden Nash’s poetry? He’s so profound yet hilarious…this admonition he gave to husbands, but I think it’s good for anybody to follow.
This is so hard. But we have only to read the Bible to find stories of others who took this advice and changed the world. It’s not an easy choice, but it is simple.
fun once.jpg
THIS IS ME AT THEME PARKS. I don’t like any of the rides, so I go as family photographer and capture everybody else’s joy. THAT is my kind of fun!
In other words, do something that will outlive your life. Even snails (quiet, nerdy, homely creatures) leave a trail that is distinctly their own. Even quiet, nerdy, homely humans can leave a trail for others to follow. Live for the Lord so your trail will glorify Him to the next generation.

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed these—better yet, I hope they made you think.


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