Mother’s Day

photo by Libby

 “Jochebed once faced a choice for her little boy–
Would she follow Pharaoh’s law and slay her pride and joy?
Or would she trust Jehovah to guard her baby’s life?
As she made his ark of rushes, how she must have cried!

“What will you do with the children God gives you?
Will you give them back to God,
Show the Lord you trust His love?
Will you work and pray so your children will choose God’s way?
Or will you waste such short and precious years?
What will you do?

“Hannah begged her God so long for a child to love,
Promising to give her son to serve the Lord above;
And when God gave her Samuel, she kept the vow she’d made–
When she took him to the temple, in God’s house he stayed.

“Christian mothers need to choose each and every day–
Will your children live for God or go the devil’s way?
O, will you teach them Jesus and how for Him to stand?
Godly families are the one thing that will build this land.”

written for Mother’s Day 2014, by Libby

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