There’s Beauty

“There’s beauty in a soughing wind—
Its merry whistles, mournful sighs;
There’s joy exquisite in a rain
That shoots in sheets from leaden skies.

IMG_6757 (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in a sparrow’s call
Trilled crystal-sweet from tree to tree;
There’s awe in furious white-lipped waves
That boil inland from the sea.

IMG_4150 (3).JPG

“There’s beauty in the blinding calm
Of snow, after the blizzard’s rage;
There’s glamor in the changeful tale
Of every season’s turning page.

IMG_8772 (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in a woodland stream
That bubbles blithe in solitude;
There’s wonder in an urban oak
Thick-thriving mongst the multitudes.

IMG_8485 (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in a newborn’s wails
Which herald triumph of new life;
There’s thrill sublime in victory shouts
That shake the ground late won in strife.

132 (3) (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in a sweetheart’s eyes
That snatch first sight of her beloved;
There’s sweetness in the impish grins
Of little ones by play begrubbed.

IMG_5014 (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in a sinner’s tears
That plead from sin to be removed;
There’s glory in a ransomed soul
Which from all fear of death is soothed.

IMG_3342 (2).JPG

“There’s beauty in God’s Holy Word—
Its wondrous work in lives remiss;
There’s marvel in a mighty GOD
Whose love has given us all of this!”

{all photos by Libby}
{written by Libby}

2 thoughts on “There’s Beauty

  1. Libby’s writings are very dear to my heart. I LOVE every picture and thought in each entry. It’s my delight to know her heart through her poetry, pictures and words. I’m probably her biggest fan. Thanks for writing in such a profound way!


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