College Days

reflectz.jpgI am constantly intrigued by how much one can learn in a short, intense period of time that one could not learn over an extended, relaxed period. For the last two days my brother and I visited a Bible College during their college days program. The entire experience was fun as well as informative, but while learning about the college I was also learning a bit more about myself–similar to a person finding their reflection in a woodland pool. Here are some of my reflections stumbled upon in those two days.

  1. I am not alone
    Besides the fact that Jesus is always with me (no matter how nerve-racking my schedule, insecurity, and ignorance may be), I am not alone in my beliefs. This college is run by Christians who have personally chosen lives of high moral standard, and is populated by Christians who have submitted themselves to that standard as students. Conservative principles are preached so that the next generation of believers can know WHAT they should believe and WHY. I appreciate this because such preaching is becoming rare; so many churches have left Godly standards back in the last century and have let worldly standards take their place. As a young person seeking to be Christ-like physically as well as spiritually, I was greatly encouraged to find a church and a college with the same desire, no matter how unpopular or obscure that desire seems.
  2. I am not perfect
    Obviously. I mean that being around people of dedication to God and His work and His ways shewed me just how far I have yet to go in my walk with Him. My clothing may be modest, but my mouth does not give the Gospel as much as it should. My knowledge of the Bible may be better than others’, but I do not reach out enough with the love of God. My music may be conservative, but I do not let the Lord work in me and through me as I ought. In other words, I have not “arrived” and should never be satisfied with my spiritual growth. Bible college, as everything else, will bring out the scum of my character so God can purge me–so I can be “sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.” (2 Timothy 2:21)
  3. I am not fragile
    I have discovered that I can ride a roller coaster without suffering a coronary. After a traumatic experience on one, and twelve years of rigid refusal to risk my health again in such an irrational fashion, I was pressed into doing just that yesterday by a well-meaning and persuasive friend from the aforementioned college. Yes, the ride was considerably slower than most, and yes, there was only one hair-raising minute of sheer terror, and yes, my brother was also on the ride, and yes, in the end my insides were in their appropriate places and not splattered all over the park; but it may take twelve more years to convince me to attempt a sequel.

Because of these three profundities that dumped my world upside down this week, I can plunge into another week of normal life with renewed perspective and pleasant memories of college days.

written by Libby
photo by Libby

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