The Seeker


IMG_0545 (3)

“I wandered mountains, seeking high
For water–I was dry;
With thirst-glazed eyes I scanned the peaks–
Daily my step waned weak.
I searched and sought till breath came faint,
None helping, sot or saint.
Past green, then brown, then gray I trod,
Still eyeing higher sod.
No drop of water’s life I found,
But only barren ground;
Despair’s chill clouded heart and head–
Life, hollow as the dead.
The air I breathed, so thin and pale–
I feared lest it should fail
And turned my face to gaze below,
A better way to go.
Behold! Far down, and yet so near!
A brooklet bubbling clear!
A stream of pure life-giving drink–
I longed to reach its brink
Yet eyed first whence this stream began–
Through valleys deep it ran.
Like tears in darkness, drop by drop,
It neither dried nor stopped,
But ran with steady, settled pace
Its hidden, humble race.
My tongue felt ashen in my mouth–
My whole soul drew me south!
Each fiber, parched by barren quests,
Quivered and called for rest.
But still my will, unconquered, fought
To keep the path I sought–
To win the heights, there find the pools
Of living waters cool.
No glory lay in seeking springs
Which hid in shadows sing–
But all were praised who scaled the peaks,
Survived the savage steeps.
I craved this victory, and cast
My eye on all I’d passed–
The ground I’d conquered in my zeal
To own the victor’s peal.
All would be wasted if I turned–
My prowess would be spurned!
But which valued I more–Death strife
Or downward steps to Life?
Life weighed and won my choice–and down
To valleys sweet with sounds
Of birds, and breezes, and a brook’s
Full flow, my way I took.
I left the range where rebels go–
And found true life below.”

written by Libby
photo by Libby

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