So Loved

IMG_2698 (3).JPG

“For God so loved this sinful world,
He gave His only begotten Son,
So every soul that trusts in Him
Would find eternal salvation won.
Our sins forgiven, our souls made free,
Atonement paid by Jesus’ blood,
Redeemed, reborn, and reconciled,
We’re justified by mercy’s flood.

“Except a man be born again,
He cannot see God’s kingdom come,
A transformation from within
God’s Holy Spirit must have done.
He that believes is not condemned,
Hell’s flames will never touch his soul;
Condemned already is the one
Who never chose to trust at all.”

–Taken from John 3:3, 16, 18
–Sung to the tune of “Wexford Carol”

written by Libby
photo by Libby


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