Today Christians celebrate Easter. Or Resurrection Sunday, as many prefer to call it. Today we remember the miracle that changed history forever–the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
Anybody can die for a cause. Millions, since the beginning of time, have done just that. But nobody has the supernatural power to give up one’s life and three days later take it back again. Nobody but the Son of God, the perfect Lamb, the Savior of the world, has that power. Every religion except Christianity worships a dead leader. Our leader died to be the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins, so we could be reconciled to God the Father–but He rose again to give us eternal life, so we could live with Him someday in Heaven.
May we reflect today on the unspeakable gift of salvation, and say with those in Revelation 5:12, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.”

“You are Worthy–
Of anything, of everything
My grateful heart can give.
Your service is deserving
Of every day I live.

“You are Worthy–
Of every breath, until my death,
I take upon this earth.
Your service is deserving
Of all that I am worth.

“You are Worthy–
Of every tear that flowed from fear
And all that sprung from pain.
Your service is deserving
Of any loss or gain.

“You are Worthy–
Of every night devoid of light
Through which I learned to trust.
Your service is deserving
Of all–for You are just.”
–written by Libby

2 thoughts on “Worthy

  1. Libby, this was beautiful! I especially loved your third stanza–it pretty much puts into words my muddled feelings of the past months. Thanks for sharing this with the world 🙂


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